Sites under development

In 2009 Greenwood Management progressed with the purchase of four sites totaling 2,887.43 acres for the eucalyptus project progression. The primary focus for the project is to locate itself in an area that will logistically be able to supply the steel producers with charcoal from the projects. Although the projects primary focus is for the production of eucalyptus charcoal, the project will also look to promote the development of additional secondary markets.

The first step taken after closing on the properties is the acquisition of the environmental licenses. The law requires that a certified forest engineer and agronomist individually and sometimes jointly submit license applications. The licenses are obtained through the Secretary of the Environment and Water Resources (SEMARH) for the State of Bahia. The major licenses are:


  • Legalization of a reserve area
  • Environmental license: This license is necessary to suppress the existing vegetation. SEMARH inspections verify if the area had been previously deforested, a special requirement for reforestation projects.
  • Reforestation project: The project plan will be registered and submitted. This will be followed by scheduled progress inspections.


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