Project Achievements so far

  1. Confirmation of the proposed rail link through the area of the project location. (rail link currently under construction)
  2. Confirmation of new steel producers entering the area of the project location. (Steel production plant currently under construction)
  3. Export markets negotiated (licensing currently underway for the export of plantation grown charcoal)
  4. Additional end users in agreement for the supply of charcoal.
  5. Additionally we project that the state will be divided over the next two years creating a new state and a need for a new state capital. Greenwood believes that Barreiras is in an ideal location to be focussed on as this new legislative and commercial state capital. It is also believed by Greenwood Management that through the expansion of the local fire department the air links may also be expanded in the near future. These projections if confirmed will make the area more open to secondary markets and allow us to develop additional secondary markets in the area.

    Greenwood will be looking to actively promote the development of an autoclave in the area to further expand our business model.

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