Phase 2 - Site Planning and Implementation Plan

At this phase of the development plan we start to identify a suitable location for the project, identify suitable properties and assess these using remote sensing equipment. This allows us to take an informed approach before any site visits are conducted. Only properties that we feel meet our criteria will be finally assessed.

We also start to build list of competing growers and contacts in the area, research best management practices and put together the implementation plan and costing for the project. Upon the site visits confirming that these properties do in fact meet our criteria.

The steps taken in this part of the project development are therefore:

  • Suitable site location and identification
  • Site inspection
  • Species selection and recommended plant spacing
  • Contacts list
  • Implementation plan & costing

The pictures below show the amount of detail that can be obtained through remote sensing. This remote sensing also allows us to look at the vegetation index (NDVI) representing the Green biomass. This application allows a rapid assessment of available properties and the biomass growth at a range of 30x30 meters.

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