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Greenwood Management News

Getting back to the lighter side of the news we thought that this month instead of telling you how well forestry is doing, we would show you instead - with our news videos.

Greenwood Management Client Referral Scheme

As you may have read in June's newsletter Greenwood Management have recently partnered with a number of high street retailers and service providers around the world in order to offer a wide range of products and services that you can claim, for every successful recommendation that is made to Greenwood Management.

Should you wish to register with this scheme then please email requesting an application form.

New Agency Representation

Greenwood Management is also pleased to announce that Mr. Chew Hai Chwee has been appointed as the sole Singapore Agency Representative with immediate effect.

Mr Chew has spent more than 25 years working for Blue Chip US and Asian Multinationals and has considerable Board level experience, being a member of the Board of Directors for the following listed companies:

Pacific Internet Limited, listed in NASDAQ (USA)
United Fiber System Ltd, listed in SGX (Singapore)
STRATECH System Ltd, listed in SGX (Singapore)

His other commercial directorships include being a Director of WWF for Nature (Singapore), Safe2Travel Pte Ltd, Brain Tree (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a member of Board of Advisors of Kemin Asia, USA' Expression International and Global Search Partners Pte Ltd. Mr Chwee also sits on the Board of Directors of voluntary organizations like WWF for Nature - Singapore, the new National Kidney Foundation Donor Relations Committee and is a Rotarian with Rotary club of Queenstown, Singapore.

His management experiences include serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Bright Vision Hospital, Executive Director/ CEO of Pacific Internet Ltd, Executive Director of United Fiber System, Chief Operating Officer/Director of Country Foods Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) the Chief Financial Officer for Delifrance Asia Limited, the Director for Finance & Supply Chain Management of PepsiCo/Tricon Restaurant, Director of Finance and Operations Asia Pacific for Vickers System, a Fortune 500 organization and Director of Finance Asia Pacific for Black and Decker.

Mr Chew obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and holds a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Accounting from University of South Alabama, USA.

Still growing strong

Due to the continued expansion programme, Greenwood Management is seeking new agents in $leads_country$contacts_mailingcountry. If you would like more information, then please email for an application form.

Greenwood Palma

Lastly Greenwood Management is pleased to announce that the Palma office has moved and we will be giving you a guided tour shortly. In the meantime, the new address is:

Calle Catalunya 5, 1 A-B
Palma de Mallorca
Baleares Islands

Phone: 0034 971 221156
Fax: 0034 971 222193

In Other News

"Investor confidence in forestry is currently strong and that looks set to continue despite a far from certain economic picture," analysts conclude

Forestry Investments Outperforms Commercial Property Sector

According to the IPD UK Forestry Index the commercial property sector has been outperformed for the fourth year in a row by forestry investments.

Last year returns on commercial property were 3.5% compared to forestry returns of 11.1%. This was behind the highs of 2006 and 2007 when returns of 20.6% to 31.6% could be reasonably expected. However, this was up from 7% in 2008 and reflects the increasing demand for land based and timber assets.

Forestry was ranked ahead of UK equities by a three year annualised basis to the end of 2009 where it returned a total of 16.1%.

"Timber prices are difficult to predict but the promise of renewable energy incentives, backed by climate change commitments, will increase demand for wood which will drive prices forward, but the role of currency exchange is also key," IPD said.

Brazil's Economy Performs Better Than Its Footballers

According to F&C Investments Brazil's strong economy remains a firm favourite with investors despite their disappointing turn out at the World Cup.

In 2009 Brazil's benchmark Bovespa index rose 77% but despite this strong performance the index has yet to recover to pre-2008 levels. However, F&C expect great things from Brazil's economy in the near future.

"Although their footballing performance has let them down, our investors are still keen on the emerging markets story and are not alone in tipping the Brazilian stock market for great things over the next few years," said Mike Woodward, F&C Investments spokesperson.

Brazil's Forestry Code Undergoes Controversial Changes

The World Wide Fund for Nature - Brazil (WWF) has announced that an amendment to undermine the protections in Brazil's 1965 forestry code has passed its first legislative barrier.

The 'ruralistas' a bloc of Brazilian legislators so called for their ties to the agricultural sector helped push the legislation through. At the moment the law requires that Amazonian landowners retain 80% of their land as forest reserves. Even though this law is largely flouted by landowners the ruralistas say that the law hurts agricultural development and the amendment would put an end to that. The amendment would also give amnesty to all farmers and ranchers who practiced illegal deforestation. This would incorporate over 40 million hectares of illegally deforested land.

Brazil's forestry code has been praised in the past as one of the most progressive in the world and even extends protection to certain landscapes such as riverbanks, steep slopes and hill tops. These areas are known as Areas of Permanent Preservation (APPs). The amendment would move APPs from protection under the federal government to individual states where they would be given permission to cut their APPs by up to half.

Understandably environmentalists are unhappy at the amendment and caution that this could open the door to a new era of massive forest loss in the Amazon and Atlantic Forest. They also warn that this change would undermine Brazil's many initiatives that have so far slowed deforestation in addition to their greenhouse gas emission pledges. They argue that Brazil already has the capacity to increase agricultural output without cutting down more trees. All the farmers need to do is to use existing technology and knowledge to raise their yields.

It is now up to the Brazilian Congress to vote on the amendment. If it passes the President will have a chance to veto it, however this is unlikely given the run up to the October election.

Best regards,

Joe Randall
Greenwood Management

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