The return on your investment

Each available investment level (A, B, C) and the corresponding returns for each group are illustrated in the table below. These figures are based on the previously highlighted assumptions.

Based on a conservative price of $52.50 [cdn] per tree [or €37.95 per tree] as shown in the previous section and assuming the sale of 1,250 trees per acre, the returns per investment are shown in Euros in the table above. These figures are based on the rate of exchange of 30/06/2011.


Note: The return on investment may vary at the time of harvest and as a result may either rise or fall. All rates of return assume a final harvest in year 8 and do not take into account other harvest years. Dividend payments may also be seen earlier from the sale of greenery to additional markets as a matter of course.

Picture 3: Shows Christmas trees
being picked up for re-sale.