Current Farm Valuations.

As the projects farms are completed in their entirety they will receive independent valuation assigning values to the crops growing on the site based on current market value for the “Standing Timber”.
This valuation is not the value for the end “processed” product however and is substantially less than the value of harvested timber delivered to the factory gate.

Farm completion varies due to individual plantation areas being established in different phases throughout the development process. Therefore smaller farms will generally receive their valuation first as they are most likely to be completed first.


  • Santa Maria I: Valuation received (Click here to view the current farm valuation)
  • Santa Maria II: Valuation Expected 2014 / 2015
  • Vale do Buriti: Valuation Expected 2014 / 2015
  • Buriti: Valuation Expected 2014 / 2015
  • Tropical: Valuation Expected 2014 / 2015
  • Poca da Porta: Valuation Expected 2014 / 2015
  • Esmeralda: Valuation Expected 2016
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