Company profile

Greenwood Management is a multinational forestry company who operates in Brazil through Greenwood Agropecuária. We also have offices throughout Europe including Belgium (Brussels), Italy (Monza), Mallorca (Palma), Portugal (Porto), Slovenia (Naklo), as well as offices in Israel, Canada and South America. Although we are still a relatively young company, we plan to expand further throughout 2010. Our focus for 2011 will be to concentrate our energies in Brazil, with the expansion of our numerous projects in Bahia. We will also look to invest into the development of additional secondary renewable markets for the benefit of our current projects under management.

Scope in Brazil

Our diverse management team in Brazil comprises of industry professionals with a background in agriculture, forestry, property and the energy sector. This company structure enhances our capability to plan our projects in alignment with the development of possible secondary markets. We believe this additional speculative focus (although not critical to the success of our projects) provides us with a competitive edge in the market.

In addition to other projects in the region, Greenwood Management expanded its Brazilian eucalyptus projects in Brazil in 2009, with the progression of four properties totaling 2,887.43 acres in area. Greenwood Management has also developed a strategic alliance with a company based in the United States, which now plans to build a bio-coal production plant in the area of the 2009 projects location. This has led to the formal drafting of a Letter of Intent to supply eucalyptus grown from the current projects to the American based bio-coal manufacturer.


Environment and Safety

As a company, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work. Through the creation of our projects, we look to provide new jobs in rural areas and focus on employing people from the local vicinity. All our workers are registered with the local authorities and, for our manual labourers, we operate an incentive payment scheme that rewards hard work. This incentivisation scheme helps the projects to become more efficiently run, yet also offers the potential for higher than average wages in the area to be earned.


Greenwood Management projects will not replace any important existing biologically diverse areas or encroach on local life. The objective for the projects is to obtain a number of small, degraded or pasture sites located around a central base of operation.





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